Self management: free yourself of limiting beliefs

In this two day workshop you will learn to know the power of your thoughts.

Our thoughts guide us the whole day in all kind of situations, only, we are not always aware of it. Thoughts create your reality. If problems occur in our lives in the form of tension and stress, we are invited to make new choices and to learn from that.

Change in our behavior and making choices is not as easy and stress is an indication that you’re dealing with inner resistance. The only way to help yourself is to go inside and investigate what is going on. How it feels, and from what motive you are doing what you are doing and what is clearly not working. With the four questions of Byron Katie you explore your thoughts and you will find new ways to deal with the situation.

Get rid of your patterns and automatisms

Doing The Work© helps you to overcome pitfalls and obstacles and you will find new ways to deal with situations. As you become more skillful in exploring your thoughts and limiting beliefs you start to feel more free and you will get rid of your patterns and automatisms which are no longer fitting. It is an interesting journey inside yourself and it will show you the way to your true self and put you in your authentic power.

In the self management workshop you will work together in small groups, which accelerates the learning process and you will learn also from each other. You recognize that others are struggling with the same problems, and also hów they do it. You will be coached and will be coaching others. This training is also perfect for people who are or want to be a coach or trainer. Or leaders who want to develop themselves and their coaching skills further.

The Work gives us the freedom to relax and feel hapiness with what is, without changing our circumstances. The real change is the change inside. The Work shows us that all the answers we need are already available to us, it opens the way to your inner compass: your intuition. The Work is a practical tool to get access to your inner answers.

How does it work?

The Work is a simple yet powerful process of inquiry that teaches you to identify and question the thoughts that cause your stress and problems. It’s a way to understand what’s hurting you, and to address the cause of your problems with clarity.

There are two steps if you do the “The Work”

  1. The first is to write down your judgments , assumptions or thoughts about a stressful situation or relationship(s ) in your life.
  2. The second phase is that you examine and explore the written statement while using the four questions. After you have investigated your statement with the four questions, you’re ready to turn around the concept you’re questioning. Each turnaround is an opportunity to experience the opposite of what you originally believed.

The first day you learn to work with the questions and understand the whole concept. As a result, you become aware of your own thought patterns and how it works for you. In the intervening period between the two self management workshops, you can already start immediately with the questions and your own beliefs. By practicing you will experience the effect your thoughts have in your daily live and how to manage this effectively.

The second day we work further with the questions, learn to work with more complex situations and you will receive further tools to manage yourself in an authentic way.

What is the result of this workshop?

  • more inner peace and less stress
  • an adequate approach to problems that you can use anywhere and anytime for yourself
  • effective problem solving
  • a method of self-coaching and self-management
  • improved relationships (at work and at home)
  • acceptance of the reality and find from there a new approach
  • a powerful coach tool, also of use when you work with groups or teams guiding yourself to more inner peace, happiness and success
  • a pro-active attitude in work and life
  • moving from the drama and situation to challenges, opportunities and personal growth
  • the deep awareness to be responsible
  • life more in the now
  • a simple method and a tool to help yourself and others.

Important information

The costs of this two day workshop is € 349,- excl. VAT.
If you register before the 23rd of February 2015 it will be € 299,- excl. VAT.
This includes a lunch, coffee, tea and refreshments.

Data: Wednesday the 25th of March Tuesday the 14th of April 2015
Time: both days start at 9.30hrs and end at 17hrs.
Location: Hotel van der Valk, te Urmond, it is located at the A2

It will be exciting days in which you will be constantly at work with your own beliefs, assumptions, and thoughts and explore them. You will also receive a syllabus and work materials so that you can get started right away.

If you want to prepare yourself and you are searching for more information, visit then the website of Byron Katie and especially see the videos. You will find beautiful quotes of Byron Katie on Pinterest.

“You either believe what you think or you question it.
There is no other choice.” – Byron Katie


Every participant receives the book of Byron Katie Loving what is.


You can register by filling in the application form.
Once you are registered it is not possible any more to cancel.
In that case it is possible to send someone else to the workshops.